NoSleep Classics – 2011

Posted: July 30, 2016 in Quarterly e-Books
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This is the first ever NoSleep eBook from almost five years ago. The contests had just started, the number of subscribers was at least one order of magnitude smaller, and NoSleep had recently changed from being a repository for creepy pictures to what it is today. Instead of the usual 12 stories that are crammed into the current eBook, there were only three winners and one runner up for the entire quarter. Two of them – Penpal and Jesus Camp – are titles almost every author on NoSleep has heard of, if not read, and the stories that inspired current authors to write the quality content we have today.

The Penpal story you’ll find in this issue is the raw version as it was originally posted. Dathan Auerbach has edited, added to, and enhanced his story since that time. The published version can be found on Amazon by following this link.

Download NoSleep Classics – 2011 through one of the following links:

AZW3 (Google Drive)

AZW3 (MediaFire)








If you can’t wait for the next issue, see how the complete version of Penpal is different or read something from a current NoSleep author:

laws of nature penpal


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