NoSleep eBook 2016 – Issue 2

Posted: August 21, 2016 in Quarterly e-Books
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This issue of the NoSleep eBook is the longest one to date! Almost all the winners and runners up were stories with over 5 parts, each reproduced here in full. These stories are about loss; the loss of sanity, the loss of a loved one immediately before a wedding. You’ll hear from a man mourning the loss of an anticipated vacation before mourning much, much more. Another an struggles against losing the entire life he’s worked for. In one of the strangest stories, a family tries to understand the loss of a hot air balloon crew.

Leave your flashlight at home, brew yourself some afternoon tea, turn off your radio, and feed the pig; this is the NoSleep eBook!

AZW3 (MediaFire link)

AZW3 (Google Drive link)





  1. Your books are fascinating, the writing comes from a very creative place which I appreciate

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