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First off, I want to point out that the ebook will always be free at

I’m excited to announce that the first physical copy of -30- Press Quarterly (formerly the NoSleep eBook) is available at Amazon! Click here to see the book.

The Best of 2016 issue is coming out in the next few weeks in both free ebook and print form AND we plan on partnering with narrators to make an audio version of each book.


Hello, your friend here with some exciting news!

I’ve got the new ebook site up and running! This site is bigger, better, and should show up better in Google searches. Also, I can do cool stuff like have a cover slideshow.

This site will remain up for at least a year until readership switches over to the new site. Please move your bookmarks now, though!

Some new features:

  • I’ve re-released the first issue of the science fiction magazine JUMP: Strange Tales of Things to Come. The content is the same, but all file formats have been updated for easier reading.
  • Ads for NoSleep authors and other related content.
  • Alternate links for AZW3 (Kindle) files. Apparently Kindles can’t download from Google Drive without an intermediate step, but they can download from MediaFire. MediaFire, though, has a silly interface and an ad-laden download page. Now you can have your pick. If you want to transfer the file to your Kindle from your computer, use the Google Drive link and bypass the ads. If you want to download directly to mobile, use the MediaFire. Everybody’s happy!

Things still to come:

  • Links (with my silly pulp ads) to NoSleep, the NoSleep podcast, and other buddy sites.
  • The upcoming 2016 – Issue 2.
  • A NoSleep Teams ebook! (Still in discussion.)

Head on over to the new site and check it out or try out some of these fine selections from NoSleep authors.

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